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RepRap Rebel 2

A printer designed by Dan Lenc from the Czech Republic in Hraden Kralove. It has been built from aluminum profiles and is based on the construction of the Prusa i3 mk1, and has become succesful as a DIY at home 3D printer within the Czech 3D printing community.

You need the following parts from within 3 categories with links to their source. Please use our affiliate links we provide here. It doesn’t cost you anything extra because these webshops give us a share of their profit for redirecting you. This helps us to maintain the website that makes it so easy for you to source the right parts and step by step construct your very own 3D printer. At the same time we help you to build the most qualitative and cost-effective printer without the headaches that come with figuring everything out and finding everything yourself.

Ordering at BangGood is pretty much the easiest thing you will do during this build process, and all you need is common sense and a credit card. I provide you with the parts you need and links to the product page, which you all put in your cart. Check the price, and check the reviews. If the price is alright and the reviews look good, place the order. I have really good experiences with BangGood, and the reviews are always spot on. I recommend looking into the shipment options, as often when you buy so many parts you can have the parts delivered much faster for only a few bucks more.

What to buy

Common Hardware

These parts can be typically bought from your local hardware store, and otherwise should be ordered online in the country you live in since this guarantees the quality, low price and supporting your local supplier. You might need a saw to cut the aluminum profiles, or bring your local workshop something nice to cut them up to size for you (I find that a big Applecake and a good beer does the trick).

  • 7x Aluminum 2020 Profiles 400mm (cut them to size e.g. 310mm) eBay 7×1,39€
  • Aluminum Profile Connectors BangGood 3,53€
  • Sliding Nuts for Aluminum Profiles BangGood 4,80€
  • Screws – Assume 5-10 euro at your local store
  • Bolts – Assume 5-10 euro at your local store

Total Price = 38.06€

Electronics & 3D printer specific hardware

The electronics and other specific hardware is something you can’t source locally, and if you can, they come from BangGood or another webshop from Asia anyway. It’s better to wait a bit longer and save yourself a significant amount of money.

Total price 15-7-2017 = 170.62€

3D printed parts – STL files

Download the STL files for the Rebel 2 3D Printer here

You can order them from us to support us on our 3D Hubs (Click here) and we will make sure you get parts that fit and are of 5-star worthy quality.

How to build it

Received and printed all your parts? Good, now we start with actually building the printer.

The instructional PDF can be downloaded in the link below


How to set up the printer

You have completely built your printer, and the next step is to configure the firmware, upload it to RAMPS, and calibrate the 3D printer carefully so it can lay its first layer and prints in the correct dimensions with the correct temperature and speed settings. It’s easy, trust me.

Download here the complete firmware







Now that your printer has been built and calibrated, you can test the printer by printing objects such as the classic Benchy.

Follow the guide of (LINK) and identify which issue you are experiencing (if any), and follow the advice to rectify any faults within your settings or printer hardware.

You’re all set!

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